Christmas Serving Opportunities

King's Partnerships

3 opportunities to serve!

Building Hope In The City

Laura's Home

1. If you're not ready to serve in-person, grab a gift from the Building Hope in the City "Virtual Giving Tree" Amazon Wishlist 2. If you have a few hours to spare, sign up to serve at the BHITC Christmas Store on Friday Dec 4 - Sat Dec 5. 3. From December 15th-19th spend a few hours at Laura's Home to lend a helping hand with the annual Christmas Fair. Whether it's getting the fair ready, helping moms shop or wrapping gifts, you can help make a difference!


Join us IN-PERSON at The Marigold Event Center

9am + 11am

Let us know you're coming!


King's Kids Worship Experiences

Sundays at 9:30am

Watch with your Kids!

A fun worship song and message

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WE LOVE KIDS!!! At King’s Kids our goal is to partner with parents. We hope you enjoy watching these Worship Experiences designed specifically for your kids! Our hope is to teach the kids the basics of their faith and resource the parents to have God centered conversations at home.

King's Care

Help provide financial care to our church family!

Click the 'Give' button below or text 216-600-0711 and add the word "care" after the amount you'd like to give.

Thank you for your continued generosity!


We love the generosity of our Church! We wanted to make you aware of another opportunity to continue to live open-handed. We've established something called "King’s Care" as a way to help provide financial care to our church family specifically. You can give to King’s Care by clicking the 'give' button and selecting the ‘King’s Care’ fund option or with text to give. Simply text 216-600-0711 and add the word ‘Care’ after the amount you’d like to give. (i.e. 50 Care ). Click 'Watch Video' to hear more about King's Care from Pastor Noah!

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